Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some of the questions we get asked often.

Why Vegan?

As we are involved in Animal Welfare, it was only natural to us not to eat Animals or Animal Products. Many of our friends feel the same way.

What if I am a meat eater?

We won’t hold that against you, just be aware that our breakfast will not include Sausage and Bacon made from Animal Products. Should you wish to indulge in that kind of thing, there are plenty of Taverna’s in the village who can give you more meat than you can comfortably eat.

I have a Special Needs Child, can we come to stay?

Cynthia has many years experience with Special Needs Children and is more than familiar with the challenges parents face. Food wise, we tend to use Fresh and Local products, steering away from processed foods – this may be beneficial to children who react to food additives.