Burn’s Supper

Our first ever Supper Club event in aid of Mandry’s Fund, a local Trap, Neuter, Release Project for Feral Cats.

Burn’s would turn in his grave!

The mere thought of a Vegan haggis is pretty much nothing short of sacrilege. During the period leading up to our first event, I was literally racking my brains to come up with a Haggis that would work and in the process, show normal meat eaters that it was possible.

There were plenty of “alternatives” – even a posh chef version which to me looked more like an Eastern European Stuffed Cabbage than anything I could even pass off as a Haggis. This lead me off on a search for the right flavours to make something I would be happy to call a Haggis, albeit minus all of the animal products that would normally be used.

Could it be done? Had I bitten off more than I could chew? This was one challenge I was definitely up to – as a Fraser, it was in my blood somewhere a few generations back and I was determined to make it happen.

As with all new recipes, there were triumphs and complete cock-ups, yet perseverance and a desire to nail the goal resulted in something I was happy to dub Haggis Veganus Kyprius. Our guests that night must have agreed and they have already pre-booked for the next event, a Valentine’s Day Dinner – again with a Vegan perspective being showcased.